Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Got Wood - Got Rocks

Everytime we go up to the land we have so much wood to cut and Morris always brings back tons of rocks. We have so many rock decorations, and rock gardens, and rock walls at home sometimes I wonder if we are there or here. I have to admit though they do look lovely after he creates his designs. Just yesterday he made an entire new flower bed in the front and put miniture azalea bushes in. If you need firewood or rocks for decorating - come see us - take truck loads - free of charge - you cut - you haul. :)


Tazja said...

My in-laws' farm fields are covered with glacial rocks - the joke is, if we want rocks for decorating our yard, we need to pick them out of the fields with pitchforks and the tractor/wagon.

What are the rocks there like? I am assuming they're not glaciated.
The ones here are worn very smooth, like in a river, and some are cleaved in half or flattened out.

Vicki said...

They are all sizes but not flat or smooth very weird shapes