Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Walls appear

Well, the week-end finally came to have the cabin built. We went up the night before with several friends and stayed in the Fabulous Blanco County Inn. Next morning it is pouring down the rain. Our newly dug driveway was just washing away faster than speedy gonzalez can run. We go on up there anyway and sit and wait for the builders to arrive. We made fun anyway by running back and forth to each others cars with trashbags on our heads. They finally arrive but can not make it up the driveway because it is just to slick and wet. I was getting very worried and almost teary thinking we would not be able to have it built. It had stopped raining at this point and our friend Mike suggested we unload everything from their trailer to the bed of his four wheel drive truck. So they started doing this load by load and we all held our breath as he slipped and slid and with spinning tires each load made it to the top. Everytime he made it, I let out a huge sigh of relief. They started working around 11 that morning. It was going along pretty smooth and fast until it was time for the 2 workers to raise the walls. Oh my, we almost had a squished man when Morris and all the guys ran over to help them. Mission accomplished. We decided to have a Bar-B-Que in celebration. It started getting dark and the workers pulled out these huge flood lights as they were almost done and just had to finish the roof shingles. They finally finished around 8 or 9 that evening and we invited them for the Bar-B-Que. They ate and we all laughed and were so amazed that it only took one day. We walked into the cabin that evening and although it was unfinished on the inside, I felt like it was home. Next comes choosing paint colors. Details tomorrow.

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Hey have you got pictures you can add?