Saturday, January 19, 2008

Before I forget

OK I have to admit the whole reason of doing this is so I don't lose the details but I am going back 3 years to the beginnings - so if I jump back and forth please read on. Well, the flower beds took Mo the entire day to build and he worked extremely hard because it was hot hot hot in Texas at least 99 but w/100% humidity - if you have never lived here let me tell you, it is the most horrible heat I have ever known. I think we live in Satan's Hell. The next trip we were able to make made him sad. The deer had eaten all his plants. How terribly sad for him. Even though Mike and Kathy had given us a deer feeder which we always stock with corn - they still ate all his lovely planted garden ring around the massive tree. He put out tons of Aloe which he is known for cultivating, his plants grow extremely well - he has a 3 foot wide aloe - but they ate every nibble - they also ate all the new plant I introduced him to which spreads - the wondering jew. A purple lovely plant that you can't stop from multiplying. I don't know where the name came from - I did not create it. Don't write me hate email because of the name. We learned that you have to put a fence around anything that you do not want eaten. We also came up w/the plan of having an outdoor bathroom. I truly believe we will develop this - sounds weird but we do have a plan. Texas does not have seasons, only hot, cool and a sweater. The only reason I say this is because of my husband - he is a born and bread Texan and loves it. I love to explore and that is why we have Cactus Ridge. I could live in cold climates - he could not. He complained about 45 degree temps - ah poor babe - just wait until we move to cactus ridge and you have to feel the colder winds - see that is why I love it - sometimes you actually have to put on a jacket and I have been advised by people that have lived there for years - the winds are fierce - I believe this because I have seen the damage - remind me to tell you about the gazebo.


Tazja said...

I grew up believing the plant was called "Wandering Jewel", and I call it that to this day, because I misheard my mom plus the flowers are like little shimmering jewels in the undergrowth of our pine forests.

Mo would not like our weather this weekend... -25 to -35 windchill. It is damn cold. I am still amazed at the green colored foliage and grass in your pictures.

There are some plants deer will not eat, we've learned to put those out in our gardens because I got sick of having my bulbs chewed to the ground every spring.

Wisconsin has two seasons: Winter and Road Construction :)

Tazja said...

ps. I love that the dots at the top of your page are Green Bay Packer colors, ha ha. Tomorrow's game is going to be wicked cold.

Anonymous said...

Tazja - sorry they lost - Mo watched while I read. Not a football fan.

Tazja said...

I have to admit, I was well impressed with the Giants for beating us in those insane weather conditions - I wasn't willing to go a mile to Dairy Queen and they were out there scrimmaging.

I enjoy football but I don't tend to seek it out, but it was kind of a big game and exciting to listen to. We spent our first wedding anniversary at a Packer game, and our first "official" date back in 1993 was at a Packer game.

I listened to the game this weekend while watching "Dancing with the Stars" so it's not like I am a hardcore Superfan or anything.