Monday, January 14, 2008

The Land

Back in November 2004 I found a patch of land up in the Hill Country that I purchased with my husband. I had no idea that there were actual hills in Texas. I had only lived in places here that were flat flat. The land so pitiful at first, no driveway, weeds everywhere, almost every tree and plant was totally overgrown. When we went to visit we had to hike up the side of the hill carrying everything we brought. My poor arms and legs were getting so torn to bits by thorns and I got a bit tired of tree limbs smacking me in the face so we decided to have a driveway cut up the hill and Cactus Ridge was born. We next put a fence at the foot of the driveway and put up our street number and a newly created wood burned sign I made. I was so proud. Official owner of property that I had now become, I went in search of a small cabin we could have built. I found one and the next week they built it. That story I will leave for my next entry.

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Tazja said...

We had a similar experience on the land at my in-laws' they are saving for us to build on - so overgrown with wild black raspberry bushes, I ruined the capri pants I was wearing the first time we went out there!

Gorgeous view! Too cool you found a hill :)