Monday, February 4, 2008

How do you spell relaxation?

These are pics of early on when we were working extra hard to clean and clear off big parcels for use. We would be so tired by late afternoon that we had to have some relaxation. I think this particular day we had cleaned out the whole area over by the barn. I use the term barn very loosely as it is a shack bascially that either goats or pigs lived in. Now it is full of Deer Poo because we feed them every time we are up there and they reward us with poo pellets. Oh well, we don't mind because we love to watch them early in the morning or right at dusk they also come out. I wish I had a picture of the day the herd of wild goats chased me down the hill. I heard them coming but when I saw them they were charging and there was about 15 of them with the leader being quite large and he had a long black beard. Needless to say I took off running and got out of their way.


Anonymous said...

nik said he likes your blog esp the pictures. i think we could use all of your wood to heat our house. can you bring a truck load over?

Vicki said...

Carseat - Easter Baskets or Wood - I think I will bring the 1st two on this trip. :)

Tazja said...

I spell relaxation M-A-Y W-I-N-E.
Ever had it? Riesling with sweet woodruff sprigs steeped in it. Yum!