Monday, March 3, 2008

Scrub a dub dub

Scrub a dub dub - well - not exactly two men in a tub as the nursery rhyme goes - thank goodness- but we can have a shower. We can always go down to the state park about 9 miles down the road where we have a annual pass that we keep up and have a shower. Sometimes though we are too tired from working all day and I just wanted to be able to shower there. Sooooo Morris got a bucket, cut a hole in the bottom and glued in a piece of pipe and attached a piece of garden hose with a sprayer type nozzle. It works really well. He can heat up water with a propane tank and one bucket full will give you a complete shower and allow you to wash your hair if you turn it off while lathering up. We also now have a screen around it for more privacy because I got really spooked one night when a racoon was creeping around and making noises. I usually only have a shower after dark up there but it is a bit spooky. I make Morris sit over there with me and pass me my towel when I get water in my eyes. I know where my grandson gets that gene from as to not liking water in his eyes - me neither. This all works well in the summer but I don't think I will try it in the winter. Also, picture one shows we now have complete privacy for the potty - such a relief - literally :)

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Tazja said...

Which country is the windsock for? Finland? I can't believe I am too lazy to google this.