Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hungrey the Traveler

Last Saturday I thought I would take the cat that adopted us when we moved into the rental up to the new house and let her get used to the new house. Around 3:30 I popped her in the car with me for yet another blazingly hot day of moving stuff over. She did ok on the ride but did let out a few snarly noises. When we got there she bolted out of the car and ran to explore or so I thought. When I got ready to go back to the yucky pucky old rental place I did not see her. I was not so worried because I had left plenty of food and water out for her. I thought oh how sweet she is exploring her new domain. At about 10:30 pm that night Morris came in from work and said, I thought you took Hungrey to the new house (I had told him on the phone that evening) and I said yes I did. He said, well she is back here now. OMG I can't believe she found her way back over. How did she do it? We are still amazed. Now I worry when we do move if she will not stay with us but always come back to her original home. What to do with a wayward cat.

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Anonymous said...

Is hungrey so hungry that she ate an extra e:-)