Thursday, July 17, 2008


This is how Cactus Ridge got its name. There were so many little patches of cactus everywhere when we first bought the property and the flat part on the top is where we decided it was a ridge - hence - cactus ridge. The sign does not hang where the picture shows permenently but I stuck it there to take a picture. We have since mowed down a lot of the cactus because they are thorny little creatures and if and when the grandchildren come over, we did not want them to get stickers. Also, that little plant looking thing was everywhere also. I like those, they are really soft on the interior leaves - kinda fuzzy feeling. Won't be long now. We are taking our first load of stuff up there tomorrow.

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Tazja said...

my house is now the same colour as yours - funnily enough, the name of the paint colour is "Cactus Shadow".